David Adcock - Missions Weekend


David Adcock was born in England where he studied his two greatest passions: God and justice. He earned degrees in Law and Master of Divinity. Moving to Canada provided significant opportunities for ministry, using both David's education and giftedness. He began his relationship with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) as a pastor. During that time he volunteered as the Assistant Coordinator for Social Concerns and Coordinator of Chaplaincy and Community Ministries.

David then worked as the National Director of World Vision Canada's Neighbour Link Program and Manager of World Vision Canada's Reception Centre. This position allowed him to understand communities across Canada. His experience at World Vision gave him a glimpse of unique regional diversity as well as common threads.

In February 1998, David joined Yonge Street Mission as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. David's responsibilities not only included overseeing ministry programs, planning and operations but also street work as he led his team to reach out to the core of downtown Toronto through economic, social and spiritual care. Yonge Street Mission gave David insight into issues related to poverty in Canada's largest city.

In the fall of 2009, David joined the team at ERDO as Chief Executive Officer.

Source: www.erdo.ca