Camp Principles & Rules

Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre (MBRC) operates under the authority of the Manitoba and the Northwestern Ontario District of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), and as such adheres to the Statement of Fundamentals and Essential Truths of the PAOC. As well, in order to provide a safe, harmonious, and Christian operation, the Board of MBRC has adopted the following Principles for it's Guests and Permit to Locate holders. As well, a summary handout of the Camp Rules has also been created from this Principle document. 

Emergency Plan

MBRC also has adopted an Emergency Action plan, to guide itself should there be any inclement conditions or situations which require action. 

Privacy Policy

MBRC also takes seriously the privacy and confidentiality of all matters pertaining to individuals associated. As such, the following is the statement of practice regarding these matters. 

Permits & Agreements

MBRC also provides for members or adherents of PAOC churches to have certain rights to place a cabin, mobile home or other dwelling on the property on a basis which is described as a "permit to locate". Information regarding the request for a permit, available spots, or the transfer of ownership of an existing dwelling on a "permit to locate" property, must be completed, and submitted to the MBRC Board and District office for approval.