John and Ruth Kerr


The Kerrs serve at the Trans-Africa Theological College in Kitwe, Zambia where John is the Vice-Principal for Academics and Spiritual Life -- and Ruth has a hand in everything from music to missions. They work with approximately 100 mature and motivated students; most of them have already planted a church.

With its 150+ acres, TTC has become a "Development Centre." Ministries to our impoverished neighbors include church-planting, AIDS-awareness, a Pro-Life centre; Community Schools; Orphanage ministries; Buildings and infrastructure; agriculture and skills training; feeding programs.

Ruth is involved in AIDS Awareness training and takes this urgent message, along with student teams, into teacher training institutions and churches.   737_p1020356_thumbnail 600_p1010198_thumbnail 601_p1020046_thumbnail 734_dsc03905_thumbnail 735_julius_chilongoshi_thumbnail 736_p1020341_thumbnail 738_pic_thumbnail


                        June, 2014

“The Best Soccer Team”  

Dear Friends:

Our favourite Soccer team is nowhere near Brazil.  It is emerging from the half dozen major shanty towns which surround our campus. 

These teeming communities of desolation have sprung up over the past twenty years…. Zambians flocking into their major cities in search of a better life.  What they left behind in the village was a round hut with a thatch roof…. plenty of green space, a plot of land… a community.  What do they inherit here?  The same mud walls with a tin roof — if they can afford the sheet metal.  No community.  No extended family.  No services.  No plot of land.  No better life.  

Needless to say, the social problems among shanty-town youth are major.  Breaking out is not easy.  Indeed, the vast majority of shanty-town people seem destined to remain entrapped in the shanty-town mentality for generations!  

How do we point the youth of Twatashya, Kamamtipa and Kawama to a better life?  How do we break the shanty-town spiral?  How do we elevate, inspire and liberate our neighbours?  These are the questions that are thrust into our face every time the campus convenes.

As some of our students were praying about these massive needs, God began to speak to them about the Twatashya-Kamtipa Soccer League?  Why not gather the youth of the neighbourhood, organize a soccer league, and make something good happen?  This would be a first, something good.

There was a match or two early this year it was clear there would be no shortage of players.  As our students befriended the lost youth of our neighbourhoods, things began to grow.   Soon there were enough players to form several teams and organize field days.  Gatherings for discipleship became part of the mix.

Sure enough, God blessed!  The Racecourse-Twatashya Youth Soccer League has really taken hold!  Some 900 future stars have shown up, and some hidden talent is definitely emerging!  And more importantly, many young lives were turning to Christ!

But this is not a man’s world!  In fact, the greatest victims of the shanty-town are the girls, sold into prostitution or early motherhood before they have a chance to understand life.  These have been coming in great numbers.  They are receiving ministry from a team of dedicated Christian workers.  God is responding to their cries as he always does, with powerful, transforming encounters.

What’s better than the “World Cup?”  All these trophies of grace!

John & Ruth 

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