Aimee Heyer

 I work in Angola, Africa with a program called Fazenda Tchincombe. Fazenda Tchincombe is a farm and outreach centre in the South of Angola which focuses on evangelizing one of the country's least reached people groups, the Mungambwe Tribe. The ministry takes the form of an agricultural training centre and working cattle ranch.  

About 300 Mungambwe live on the farm property and we strive to minister to them both spiritually and physically. Tchincombe has the only clinic and the only school in the area and is actively involved in community health education and preventative action. Because many Mungambwe men have had no formal education and are therefore unable to find employment Tchincombe offers internships in carpentry, crop and cattle managment, auto mechanics and horsemanship. Each Mungambwe man who comes to live on Tchincombe either to work or to learn brings his whole family with him and we have a wonderful opportunity to reach them all for Christ.   Fazenda Tchincombe now has a healthy village church which is currently involved in planting several new churches in outlying villages. It has a thriving Sunday school program, ladies Bible studies, adult Sunday school, prayer meetings, community outreaches and more. Discipleship happens each day as employees work alongside Mungambwe believers. We want to ensure that every Mungambwe Man, woman or child has an opportunity to meet Jesus.  My personal involvement is divided into two main classifications: Traditional Ministry and work with the Horse Program.  The Horsemanship Program at Tchincombe is a combination of a breeding and training initiative and an internship program. Its goal is to offer education in horse breeding and training that will enable the individual to find gainful employment in the future. Costs of operation and the salaries of the interns are covered through the sale of farm and sport horses bred and trained at Tchincombe. The horse program is very exciting and is growing fast! 

In ministry I run the Sunday school and youth programs as well as being heavily involved with the women's fellowship and partnering with the church planting initiative. Whatever I am doing, whether fixing fences, training horses, teaching Sunday School, or preparing Bible studies, it is EXCITING to be a part of this cutting edge ministry to the Mungambw!