2018 Family Camp

Family Camp

Morning: Patti Miller


Lead Pastor, Evangel Temple Montreal.



Pastor, blogger, urban-dweller, sometimes-runner, who laughs at her own jokes. Loves her spiky-haired husband Jeff, and visits Ukraine any chance she gets. Most of all, she's a follower of Jesus, loved by God.


Evening: Kevin Johnson







Kevin Johnson: has served as Maritime District superintendent since 2011. He had been serving as the lead pastor at SonLife Community Church, an urban centre church in Halifax, NS, for the previous eleven years. Kevin has served as Dean of Men for Eastern Pentecostal Bible College after he graduated from the same school. He has been a business owner/entrepreneur and holds a Master of Business degree from St. Mary’s University. Kevin is married to Annemarie and they have five children.



Youth (ages 15-18):  Nathan Young 
Junior Youth (ages 12-14):  Orland Usick
Children (grades K-5):  Devoted Ministries
Preschool (ages 2 - preK):  Heather Boyce
Nursery: (up to 2): Karen K

Worship :  Vern Kratz                      

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Morning: Jeromey Martini

President, Horizon College & Seminary


Before coming to Horizon, Jeromey taught at Briercrest College and pastored in Calgary, Alberta, where he returns regularly to backcountry camp and downhill ski. An amateur “foodie,” he enjoys cooking and learned to love haggis and sticky toffee pudding while studying in Scotland. He and his wife, Nicole, have two wonderful kids.


Evening: Jeff Hilier









Jeff is the Lead Pastor of Community Pentecostal Church in Ottawa Ontario. He has pastored several churches and served as the Eastern Ontario District Youth Director and Mission and Ministry Specialist. Jeff has a Masters in Leadership from Southeaster University. Jeff and his wife Aynsley have 3 kids, Bayley, Brock and Bryar. He loves soccer and reading, with a particular fondness for Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer. If he wasn’t a pastor, his alternate career path would be in law.







Youth (ages 15-18): Emilio Abuisi 
Junior Youth (ages 12-14):  Orland Usick 
Children (grades K-5):  Devoted Ministries 
Preschool (2-pre K):  Heather Boyce 

Nursery (up to 2):   Barb S.
Worship: Sherilyn Bambridge



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Evening:  Mark Colwell



Mark serves as the District Youth Ministries Director. He is married to Jenni and is father to Samuel, Abigail, Moriah and Julia. He is a veteran of over two decades of youth ministry and is an experienced pastor, mentor and teacher. His passions include leadership development, specifically pouring into the leaders he serves, preaching and family life. Mark loves adventure, both the kind you create and the kind that God invites you into to share.



Junior Youth (ages 12-14):  Nathan Young 
Children ( grades K-5):  Shawna Lavendar  
Preschool ( 2-pre K): Colleen Letkeman
Nursery (up to 2): Sherry H.
Worship :   Phil Hazzard                                           


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Paul Fraser


Rev. Paul Fraser of Edmonton, Alberta, is the PAOC’s church multiplication co-ordinator. Paul has served as the Alberta/NWT district officer responsible for church ministries and church planting. He has been involved with PAOC’s national Mission Canada Youth Guiding Group and has been regularly involved in ministry nationally. He is a certified leadership coach. Paul is married to Corrie and they have four children. He continues to reside in Edmonton, from where Paul will travel to serve in the PAOC’s International Office and across Canada.



Children (grades K-5): Trent & Kourtney   
Preschool (2-pre K): Dan & Jacqui Giesbrecht  
Nursery (up to 2): Sherry Howell  


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