Leadership and Board

Manhattan Beach Retreat Centre is owned by the Manitoba and N.W. Ontario District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  The camp is operated by a Leadership Board appointed by the District Executive.  The Leadership Board is lead by a volunteer Executive Director appointed by the District Executive.  Operations of the camp are handled by the Camp Director who is hired by the District and the Board to carry out operations.  The Leadership Board consists of the Executive Director, Camp Director, Assistant Executive Director, Treasurer, Secretary, other Board members with portfolio assignments, and the District Superintendant (or representative).  


The current Leadership Board members are:

Craig B. Doerksen – Executive Director

Jim Bambridge – Assistant Executive Director

Brad Wersch - Treasurer

Jake Peters

Steve Watts

Andrew Porterfield – District Superintendant 

Dan Murphy- Assistant District Superintendent - Mission


Aaron Sawatsky - Facilities & Services Manager (Non-Voting)

Vacant - Operations & Administration Manager (Non-Voting)


The Board is moving its functions towards one that follows policy governance.  In this, the Board sets forth overall guiding principles for mission, limitations, responsibilities, and process.  This ensures that the leadership oversight by the Executive Director, and the operations by the Camp Director are accountable to the Board, and ultimately the owners of the camp – the local PAOC District.


Link to PDF of Board Governance Policies:



If you have any questions regarding the MBRC Board, please contact Craig Doerksen at 204-888-0438 or craig@mbrc.ca

MBRC Leadership History:

The Manhattan Beach Full Gospel Camp was established at Manhattan Beach in 1939, under the leadership of Rev. Egbert Berry, Rev. C. Nelson and Rev. T. Latta, District Superintendant. Generally the camp was lead by the District office leadership, with assistance from PAOC pastors. As the work to maintain the camp facilities increased and the buildings became more permanent in the 1950’s, the District hired onsite camp directors. Often the Camp Director also served as a minister in the area churches. Over the years many pastors, district officials and some lay leaders served on the camp committee, providing the foresight to erect buildings, maintain the property and promote Manhattan Beach to the Pentecostals of the area.

MBRC Board Leadership History:

In 1987, several lay members involved in the camp saw the need to take the camp further both in ministry and in the facilities. With the support of Rev. Clarence Mitchell, the District Ministries Director, Dale Berry (as Executive Director) Harold Hamilton, Gordon Griggs, Bob Hoger and William Dueck among others, established the official Manhattan Beach Camp Board. Dale Berry served as Executive Director until 1997. During his tenure, the grounds expanded with new cabin and trailer lots, a Junior Olympic swimming pool was developed, a new miniature golf course was built, a new workshop constructed, 12 new motel units were added, and a new youth chapel was setup. From 1997 to 2006, Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht became Executive Director, during which time a new Children’s Chapel and Dining Hall (Retreat Centre) were built and 28 new motel units were setup. As well, the Preschool Chapel, Tabernacle and Youth Chapel were all renovated and updated. In 2007, Craig Doerksen was appointed Executive Director who has continued to upgrade the facilities with the construction of a new office. His main focus is on developing the camp as a year round ministry facility.

Camp Director History:

There have been many camp directors over the years with many serving as volunteers or in co-labouring positions while in pastoral ministry. Rev. A. McLean, Rev. Lloyd Dickinson, Mr. Witherspoon, Rev. E. C. Mitchell all served the camp up through the years into the 1970’s. Rev. Ray Crocker served as camp director in the mid 1970’s through to the mid 1980’s. Don Mitchell and R. Rivet also served as interim camp directors. In 1987 Rev. Bruce Nehring served as camp director under the newly formed Board. In 1990 Dennis Schram came to serve as camp director, and continues in this position. Mr. Schram at the urging of the District Superintendant Rev. Gordon Peters, began his theological studies, and was ordained with the PAOC in 2003. After over 25 years of service, Rev. Dennis Schram retired on March 31, 2016.

Currently Aaron Sawatsky serves as the Camp Manager and Rev. Bill Pipke serves as the Camp Spiritual Life Pastor.


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